Hyundai Accent Review 2019

Winner 2019 Best New Cars for Teens the Hyundai Accent is well-deserving of that honor. Moreover, the car has 5-star customer reviews and is highly praised by experts. The overall expert consensus is that the brand has produced one of the best cars for your money. Renewed and revamped just last year the 2019 is one of the better choices with awesome fuel economy, roomy interior and, unlike most of the cart within its class it doesn’t feel overly cheap. Now, let’s learn more about this fifth-generation Accent.

The Pros

  • Solid value for money choice
  • Comfortable driving experience
  • Impressively quiet ride
  • Exceptional fuel economy
  • Spacious cabin
  • Solid standard tech
  • Admirable reliability ratings

The Cons

  • Unimpressive infotainment 
  • Subpar seat comfort
  • Uneven ride on rough roads
  • Glitchy USB ports  
  • Safety bonus points only for the upper trims

Hyundai Accent Overview

Hyundai Accent Review

Since the Accent underwent a major revamp just last year there aren’t a lot of changes made this time around – just a few minor alterations and modifications to trim content. Moreover, the recently launched 2020 also has just a few things changed here and there. All of this means the remodel was a very successful one and consumers see it as an excellent compact car with a very pleasant price tag. 

Overall, a great car for the price. And, if you would keep in mind the price tag, the level of your satisfaction with the vehicle will rise exponentially. So, buyers on the budget will enjoy a very quiet ride, nice driving experience, Android Auto and Apple Carplay integration, a beautiful sleek exterior, and a truly impressive warranty. The Accent is a fine example of a very consumer-focused approach to car manufacturing. 

The Accents trim lineup is a simple one though it offers understandable choices. There’s the base SE, the mid-level SEL with better wheels and added tech features, and the upscale version – the Limited trim is an awesome ride, with all of the lux features that usually score high in a consumer’s book, like the heated seating or an outstanding safety tech. 


The Accent is an attractive car. Usually, we don’t see a lot of effort put in the design in the budget cars, but Hyundai has bet on the visual and has clearly won.  All of the trims have the awesome cascading grille that until recently was available only on the top-tier variants. You can opt for the LED headlights, side mirror-integrated turn signals, and unique alloy wheels.    

Exterior of Hyundai Accent


The cabin has a rather simple design with lots of plastic used throughout. But, even though it is understood that the materials aren’t on the luxury side of things the interior looks very inviting and pleasant. The Hyundai loyalists will immediately notice a more customer-friendly approach, as the interior looks more expensive than it actually is. The seats are nothing to write home about, the comfort level and upholstery material both feel like a bit of a letdown. 

Interior of Hyundai Accent


All of the trims are equipped with the 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine capable of generating up to 130 hp. The 2019 Accent offers a choice of transmission: six-speed manual or automatic. The vehicle is a FWD. Economy cars aren’t usually the beacons of exemplary performance, and the same goes for the Accent – it is nothing special. Though acceleration is fine, you can reach 60 mph in 8.5 sec, the braking system feels responsive the steering is a major drawback as there’s really no on-center feel. 


It is a pretty solid standard lineup, plus the optional features and functionality for the upper trims are awesome. You can expect all of the bases covered even on the SE: USB, Bluetooth, Cruise Control,  Remote Keyless Entry, MP3 Player, etc. are all there. But, some of the tech on the base trim is frustrating: there are a lot of complaints of phones not charging with the available USB and the sound quality should be much better in 2019.    


The 2019 Accent is surely a great value for the money. The base model is 14 995 USD and goes up to 19 080 for the upper trims. 


The seats are spacious, but the level of comfort is far from admirable. The 2019 Accent is a five-seater and there is more than enough leg and headroom in front and back. The cloth upholstery is not very pleasant to the touch. Heated front seats are available. There are two full sets of LATCH child-seat connectors. 

Climate control

It is easy to control the temperature in the vehicle. In the base trim, there are the old-fashioned knob controls and the Limited offers automatic CC. Plus, with the Hyundai Blue Link app you can easily set and adjust the climate. 

Infotainment System

The Infotainment system is fine, you can easily connect your phone and add a lot of features with the Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. Accent’s infotainment system includes a 7-inch touch screen that works well, it is user-friendly, responsive, and quick. 

Hyundai Accent

Storage and Space

The trunk hits a bit below the market average, there is 13.7 cubic feet of trunk space. But, the personal item storage is impressively smart and very convenient – there’s a lot of small-item storage strategically placed throughout the cabin.   


Comfort level rises with the trim level you are choosing. Though, generally, the car offers comfortable acceleration, the cabin is roomy, even the base trim offers technologically-advanced safety features, you can easily set and adjust the temperature to your liking and the tech is on point, thus there is overall comfortable the experience created for you. 

Seat comfort

The level of seat comfort is not impressive. The upholstery can absorb heat and doesn’t offer much support, but, with the 5-star consumer rating, maybe we can conclude that the seat comfort isn’t that important. The front row seats are definitely more comfortable. And, though it is a five seater, the back row will comfortably accommodate two adult passengers. 

Ride comfort

You won’t be uncomfortable during your day-to-day commute; the long rides might get uncomfortable for all of the passengers due to subpar seating. Overall, the 2019 Accent offers a decent level of overall comfort. 


The ride quality is pretty decent, it doesn’t feel floaty and it is able to effectively absorb most of the road imperfections. Additionally, much of the quality boost comes from the very smooth and quiet engine. 

Safety & Reliability

The IIHS ratings are mostly “Good”,  with a “Superior” mark for the “Front Crash Prevention Results”. The “Acceptable” marks were given for the “Small Overlap Front Passenger Test Results” and headlights. 

Should I Buy the Hyundai Accent?

Yes. It is great value for money. 

How Much Does it cost?

14 995 USD – 19 080 USD