Hyundai Azera Review

Altogether Hyundai Azera has been around for decades. Known around the world as Grandeur this particular vehicle has started its journey in a faraway 1986. The Azara was introduced in North America in 2000 and immediately won over the US and Canada, the sales started very strong and the brand grew the fan base steadily. But, then in 2008 Hyundai has launched the awesome Genesis and Azera suffered immensely that particular year, having never recovered after a very significant sales drop. The brand revamped and redesigned the Azera and tried for nine-year to revive the momentum, unfortunately, all efforts failed and the Azera left the North American market in 2017. That was the last of the sixth generation Grandeur/Azera in NA and the one, we’ll be reviewing today. Just on a side note: the car is still very popular abroad. Now, let’s take a deep detailed dive into the 2017 Azera sedan. 

The Pros

  • A large spacious sedan
  • Powerful V6 engine  
  • Impressive warranty
  • Outstanding safety and crash test scores
  • Unmatched standard equipment  
  • Roomy quality interior
  • Well insulated cabin for a quiet ride 

The Cons

  • Subpar resale value  
  • Unimpressive style 
  • Headroom is lacking in the back
  • Ride dwindles on a broken road 

Hyundai Azera Overview

Hyundai Azera

The Hyundai Azera is a great large sedan. Hyundai has put a lot into this particular model: much thought, creativity, and money. Even the base Azera trim is exemplary; it is very well equipped and can easily make drivers as well as passengers happy just as it is without any optional add-ons. 2017 HA is comfortable, stylish, quiet, and, as you would expect to form a vehicle this size, spacious inside. Overall, such a combination of the available features and functions as well as advanced safety tech is usually found in an upscale vehicle and almost never in a “value for money” sedan. Just for an example, the cheapest Azera has a hands-free smart trunk, the blind-spot monitoring, 12-way-power-adjustable driver’s seat or even the dual-zone climate control. And, mind you, this is just the tip of the iceberg. The Azera is packed full of awesome standard equipment.

There are only two trims (Base and Limited) and one available engine (V6). Some view that as a drawback, we don’t – both modes offer way more than rivals and the V6 engine isn’t something to complain about, it’s an exceptionally powerful engine. 


In 2017 the Azara’s exterior design was already more than five years old, though it still looked stylish and modern. And even today it doesn’t look dated. The overall design is very simple and tasteful, it doesn’t have apparently aggressive styling with the huge grille and pronounced headlights. The Azera’s grille is almost the same size as the headlights, both complement the beautifully designed hood. With unique fog lights and 18-inch wheels Azera’s exterior design looks current.

Exterior of the Hyundai Azera


Though there are a few very insufficient interior drawbacks, like the off-quality seating and insufficient head-room in the back, overall, Azera scores high comfort, design, and tech-wise. That being said, the scrupulous attention to detail is something immediately noticeable, everything is comfortably spaced  and clearly marked. Leather seating, dual-zone CC and the apparent abundance of helpful standard tech all point to a customer-centric approach to the design of the interior.  


A sedan with a 3.3-liter V6 generating the very impressive 293 hp is a sedan capable of showing awesome performance on the road. The V6 is a powerful though very quiet engine; you can surely count of great ride quality, confident maneuverability, and smooth acceleration. The six-speed automatic will take it from 0 to 60 mph in just 6.8 seconds. 


The 2016 Hyundai Azera comes with an unprecedented standard technology package. There are necessities like Bluetooth, USB, Cruise Control, Remote Keyless Entry or Hands-Free Phone. There’s also Navigation System, Smartphone Interface, and a Touch Screen Monitor, Proximity Sensing Keyless Entry, Push-Button Engine Start and Remote Engine Start. The Entertainment tech is also impressive – the Azera has a CD player, Satellite and Premium radio, MP3 player and even an iPod Connector. 


In 2017 Azera started at 35K and went up to 40-41K. These days we are more or less looking at the used car market, so you can count on spending somewhere around 21-24 K. 


The 2017 Azera is a five-seater with a roomy cabin. Leather seat upholstery is standard on both trims – the Base as well as the Limited. Front-row seats are also heated and ventilated. There’s definitely enough room to comfortably stretch the legs in front and back, but the roof design makes the back seat feel a bit cramped. Though, most of the reviews point to the seats not being all that comfortable due to the unusual shape. There are two sets of LATCH connectors in the back.

Climate control

Dual-zone automatic climate control is standard. 

Infotainment System

The 2017 HA is equipped with an 8-inch touchscreen with a great interface, with a navigation system and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto app integration. 

Storage and Space

There is more than enough space for all of the storage of personal items. The cargo is OK, though it falls in the average category which is a bit of a letdown for such a large sedan. You will have 15.3 of the space available in the trunk. 


Exterior - Hyundai Azera

The 2017 Azera is a very comfortable large sedan in all regards. The cabin is well-insulated, there is an abundance of imaginable and unimaginable driver assistance and safety tech, roomy cabin, enjoyable smooth cruising. The only thing that takes away from the overall perfect score for comfort is the seating, the seats are a bit unshapely. 

Seat comfort

Two seats in front are more comfortable than the ones in the back, where the headroom is also lacking. But, seating is the only disappointing thing about the 2017 Azera: it is difficult to find a comfortable seating position even with extreme 12-way adjustability for a driver’s seat, and, Hyundai seems to have missed the mark with the proper shape. 

Ride comfort

The Azera offers a refined ride with smooth acceleration and undisturbed comfort even on the damaged road. 


Ride quality scores high: it is smooth with all-round outstanding insulation for a very quiet ride. 

Safety & Reliability

The IIHS gave the Azera overwhelmingly “Good” ratings on all of the crash tests. 

Should I Buy the Hyundai Genesis?

If you are looking for a moderately priced luxury vehicle – this is it. 

How Much Does it cost?

The average price for a used car: 21 391 USD – 24 811 USD