Hyundai i10 Review

If there ever was a perfect car for successful maneuvering throughout the packed city streets, a sort-of epitome of a “buzzy city” car – the Hyundai i10 is definitely it. Compact, fast, attractive with surprisingly a lot of interior space – it is an ideal city car. This particular Hyundai is actually the smallest one the brand offers and definitely one of the best. We are now well into the second generation of the i10, the car got a huge overhaul just a couple of years ago with a significant boost in quality, better infotainment, and a brand new and existing exterior detailing, like the mash grille and LED lights. This particular car hasn’t been introduced yet in North America, but it is huge in Asia and Europe. In crazy buzzy Great Britain, the i10 has actually won the Best City Car award in 2015. Now, without further ado, let’s get into details.

The Pros

  • Small city car
  • Outstanding value for money  
  • Specious interior
  • Impressively comfortable
  • Great warranty
  • Exiting to drive
  • Great fuel economy 

The Cons

  • Interior materials aren’t the best quality
  • Subpar standard tech lineup 

Hyundai i10 Overview

Hyundai i10

For those living in big cities cars like the Hyundai i10 are truly lifesavers, it is a very impressive car well worth your attention. This very affordable car is now selling well over 200 000 a year, which is definitely something to consider – that many people can’t be wrong. 

Plus, Hyundai’s warranty is something that should be taken into account. With the five years and no limit in mileage warranty, your Hyundai i10 will be your faithful city car for at least a decade. Or two. Or three. Furthermore, you’ll get a choice of efficient engines, there are a lot of optional features and it is a very attractive choice price-wise with impossibly low running costs. There are a lot of trims, variants, and configurations, so there’s definitely something for everyone. 


Honestly, the i10 is an attractive car. Hyundai keeps on progressing with the overall design beautification and seems to be succeeding. The latest “facelift” has brought us the new black mesh grille, LED daytime running lights and the 14-inch wheels with the redesigned bumpers. The newly introduced 2020 version got a complete exterior overhaul and the exterior design looks superb: it is a two-toned, quirky-looking sleek design, with a completely new “face” and the colors to die for. They are really something special, so if you’re big on design – wait for the 2020 model! 

Exterior of the Hyundai i10


For its price point the interior is surprisingly pleasant, functional and passenger-centric. How Hyundai has managed to offer more than enough roominess in beyond understanding, it’s some sort of sorcery. Of course, the materials aren’t upscale, but they also don’t appear cheap at all, they look and feel like good quality materials, the leather and fabrics are soft and pleasant to touch and hard plastics look top-notch. Everything seems well-made and in its place: the dashboard is smartly designed, and generally, the cabin appears excellently crafted. The cabin is well insulated, and all of the wind/engine noises are well suppressed making even the longest rides enjoyable.  The drawback? It’s hard to provide some necessary tech at the base model price, thus, for example, DAB radio or the Bluetooth can be found only on premium models. 


There are two available engine choices and both engines have their fan base. Some say that, if you have the means – go for the more powerful 1.2 liters generating 87 hp available on the upper trims. Others strongly recommend going for the 1.0-liter petrol engine with 67 hp that comes standard on the base trim, stating that it offers stronger performance. Hyundai pays extra attention to the quality of ride and the new reviewed suspension now helps to make all of the lumps and bumps go almost completely unnoticed. The steering feels more precise and the vehicle offers good visibility. Overall, you can look forward to a composed and capable performance.  


The tech-savvy crowd looking for a bargain trim will be a tad disappointed. Although it is frustrating to be deprived of today’s tech-staples like Bluetooth or the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, but, for the base trim price point people can get over the disappointment or just pay a bit extra for the desired features. Furthermore, the base trim comes with all of the absolute necessities like the electric front windows, the MP3-compatible stereo with USB and aux-in connections, and also, the much needed electronic safety aids. 


You can get a base model at around $12K and the price for the premium model goes beyond $18K.


The i10 is a five-seater, but there’s really enough space for four adults. Hyundai provides comfortable seating as well as a driving position that feels natural and pleasant even on the long rides. The seating is comfortable enough to travel in this car. There is also enough leg and headroom to feel at ease inside the i10.

Climate control

Air conditioning is standard on all trims above the entry-level trim. 

Infotainment System

The i10 infotainment is not the cutting edge tech we’ve come to expect everywhere these days, but, it is definitely user-friendly, easy to use and navigate.  The 7-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone connectivity is available on the top-tier trim. 

Storage and Space

It’s also surprising to find so much space for personal items inside the i10. This small car offers more than enough cup holders, bottle holders, front-door pockets, cubbies and a glove box. 


Hyundai i10 Review 2019

Hyundai i10 overwhelmingly checks a lot of the comfort-related boxes. It offers a well-insulated quiet ride, the cabin isn’t cramped and the seating feels comfortable on the longest of rides. At this price point – it is a wonderfully comfortable car. 

Seat comfort

You are seated pretty high in the i10, though, that doesn’t take away from the headroom and doesn’t compromise comfort. 

Ride comfort

Hyundai has dedicated special attention particularly to the ride comfort and every time they overhaul the i10 brand announces alteration to make the ride much more comfortable and enjoyable. 


Ride feels easy, smooth and refined, noise and vibrations are under control and the revamped suspension “smoothes out” most of the imperfections on the road.

Safety & Reliability

Euro NCAP crash test record gave the i10 four out of the maximum five stars. 

Should I Buy the Hyundai Genesis?

It is a great city car, though the overhauled 2020 version will be awesome. 

How Much Does it cost?

12 840 USD – 18 640 USD