Hyundai Sonata Review

The Sonata has been a part of our lives for over three decades now. The 2019 Sonata is the last model of the seventh generation and Hyundai has already introduced the completely revamped eighth-generation Sonata 2020. So, if you are looking for something brand new – wait till the 2020 model goes on sale with its dramatic new exterior style and a full-on inside and out overhaul. But, if you are looking for exciting high-tech vehicles with a contemporary sleek look, roomy interior, and smooth performance – the 2019 Sonata has got you covered. Now, let’s see what this mid-size sedan is all about.

The Pros

  • Tech package for the upscale Limited is awesome
  • More agile and improved handling
  • Roomy interior
  • Attractive modern exterior
  • Large trunk
  • Great warranty  
  • An impressive list of standard features
  • Intuitive user-friendly infotainment

The Cons

  • Performance doesn’t stack up against the competition
  • AWD isn’t available
  • Sonata sport only looks the part
  • Only the Eco trim offers exceptional fuel economy

Hyundai Sonata Overview                  

Presentation of Hyundai Sonata sedan and Venue SUV at 2019

The 2019 Honda Sonata is a great midsize family sedan. First of all, the Sonata  currently holds third place amongst 2019 midsize cars and hits almost all of the important marks: it is roomy, the seats are comfortable and supportive, there is more than enough space in the trunk, the car is safe and reliable with stylish sleek exterior design and, the cherry on top: it is definitely a great value for your money.

The 2019 wasn’t changed at all as it was just fully revamped in 2018. We consider all of the six trim levels (SE, Eco, SEL, Sport and the lux top-trims Limited and Limited 2.0 T) to be great choices, there are no losers in this particular lineup, but the Eco Sonata is really something special. The Eco Sonata stands alone with its extreme fuel efficiency. Sonata is also big on the safety features and includes a great lineup even on the bottom tiers.  


Exterior of Hyundai Sonata

Hyundai Sonata did take a sales dip in the last few years and by the looks of it Hyundai has decided to bet on the style – the 2019 Sonata exterior is hot and exciting. It is a very attractive vehicle, muscular and aggressive it easily draws attention. Hyundai has also updated the grille: latest pitch black cascading design looks very contemporary. The Sonata also has the new shape of the hood, aggressive lower fascia, sleek new headlights and LED running lights.  All of the trims, except for the top one, are available with a tilt-and-slide sunroof and upscale Limited has a panoramic one.


Hyundai Sonata hybrid interior

Given it’s not nearly the best within its class, the cabin is still attractive with mostly quality materials used throughout. All of the controls, knobs, shelves and personal storage nooks and crannies are strategically places within reach.  The cabin is roomy and the seats are spacious and supportive. Plus, the Sonata’s stylish 3-spoke steering wheel should get a separate shout-out: it really gives the interior a luxury look and feel.


Interior - Hyundai Sonata

For a midsize family sedan, the performance is somewhere in between good and satisfactory. It’s definitely not a sporty exciting ride, but, even with the Sport trim. The driving experience is smooth and the car performs similarly well in the city traffic and on the highways. The 2.4-liter inline-4 with power to generate 185hp comes standard on four trims, then there’s the 1.6-liter turbocharged on the Eco capable of generating 178 hp and the 2.0-liter is also available, it’s a turbocharged four-cylinder that generates 245 hp and is available on the top tier model.


The standard tech is very impressive on the Sonata, and includes, though is not limited to the following:

  • infotainment system
  • 7-inch touch-screen
  • Bluetooth
  • USB port
  • 6-speaker sound system
  • Smartphone integration
  • rearview camera
  • blind-spot monitoring
  • lane change assist
  • rear cross-traffic alert, etc.

And, if you want to go beyond just the standard, there’s an abundance of available options for you.


The Sonata falls in the category of value for money king of deals, you can get started at just below 22 650 USD and absolute top-of-the-line upscale Limited 2.0T trim will set you back more than 32K.


The 2019 Sonata is a five-seater. The seats come standard with cloth material upholstery, of course, you can opt for the sport or leather seats, power-adjustability for the first row, heat and ventilation. Note! The LATCH car-seat system is subpar with the bottom anchors placed too deep in the seat.

Climate control

The dual-zone automatic cc doesn’t need to be constantly adjusted, and it is easy to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the cabin.

Infotainment System

The 2019 Sonata’s infotainment tech is intuitive and user-friendly. The standard display is a 7-inch touch-screen that can be upgraded to a bigger one. It is smartphone friendly, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto enables you to easily access all of your mobile apps via the interface’s touch screen.

Storage and Space

There is definitely enough space for cargo and personal items. The cabin offers plenty of places to store your personal items and there’s the 16.3-cubic-foot trunk available for your cargo, which is just above the average on the market.


Interior of Hyundai Sonata

The overall level of comfort should be more than satisfactory as the Sonata checks if most of the important comfort-related boxes: the cabin is roomy, the seats are supportive, climate control is easy to set and adjust, infotainment is user-friendly, it is pleasant to drive and there is more than enough space available in the trunk.

Seat comfort

Sonata is actually one of those rare vehicles where the brand actually made an effort to offer comfortable seating in the front and back. There is plenty of space for all five adult passengers, and the only thing that takes away from the comfort level in the back is the raked roof.

Ride comfort

The Sonata riding experience is comfortable, it is easy to handle and drive in any conditions, whether you are squeezing through the city traffic or on the highway speeds. 


Hyundai did improve the Sonatas suspension which adds heaps to the riding quality. The ride feels smooth and most of the road imperfections will go unnoticed.

Safety & Reliability

The NHTSA overall rating is 5 out of a possible 5 and all of the ratings from the IIHS are “Good” except for the “Front Crash Prevention Results” which is rated “Excellent”.  

Should I Buy the Hyundai Sonata?

It is a great sedan, you should definitely add it to your shortlist. 

How Much Does it cost?

22 650 USD – 32 250 USD